Clarke Medical Imaging Center provides all types of routine MRI examinations, including prostate and breast.


MRI examinations are not covered by RAMQ

We accept requests from the CSST and SAAQ.

You need a referral from your doctor and a signed consent;

If having an abdominal or pelvic exam, fast for 3 hours before the procedure;

If you have claustrophobia or anxiety, you may want to ask your physician for a prescription for a mild sedative. Clarke Medical Imaging Center is not able to provide any medications.

Please advise our staff if any possibility of pregnancy;

You will be asked to wear a gown and must remove all your jewellery and metal objects.

Please advise our staff if you have any metal implants for example: Heart Pacemaker, Implantable heart defibrillator etc…If you have any questions feel free to discuss it with the technologist.